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West and Associates, L.L.P. maintains an employment law section with a team of attorneys who have represented employees and employers in almost every aspect of employer-employee relationships including: wrongful termination, collective bargaining, discrimination in the workplace, sexual harassment, occupational safety, wage and hour requirements, and workers' compensation.

The Employment Law Section represents both employees as well as employers, of all sizes, in state and federal court and arbitration hearings in cases involving alleged discrimination based on age, sex, race, or religion; national origin, disability; sexual harassment; or in cases that involve wrongful termination. Many legal matters also arise in the hiring of new employees. In cases of internal employee complaints, we participate in investigations, counsel our clients regarding legal options, and recommend a course of action. We also assist in the development of employment practices and policies designed to help employers and consequently the employees avoid legal dilemmas.

Our firm also conducts training and seminars for employers and employees on all areas of Employment Law. In today’s workplace, it is increasingly important to prevent labor and employment relations problems before they occur and before these legal issues result in litigation. An employer must be cognizant of State and Federal laws that govern employee hiring, compensation, treatment and termination. Our team of employment lawyers offer preventive labor and employment law counseling, and we advise clients on compliance with State and Federal laws and administrative regulations. Our goal is to help employees and employers successfully navigate what may feel like a legal minefield made up of state and federal employment laws governing businesses and agencies. We offer a wealth of experience and extensive resources within our firm, including knowledgeable attorneys with a commitment to customer service and client satisfaction.

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